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The Quick-Reference Resource Guide to Building Eco-Friendly Businesses

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Updated Apr 1, 2023 By Joyce Wilson (

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Whether you’re planning to start a new business or have one up and running already, make it eco-friendly. Not only are sustainable businesses 2.5 times more successful than non-sustainable ones, but the government is slowly tightening the screws on the latter. By making the shift to eco-friendliness now, you can get a head start and avoid playing catch-up later.

In this resource guide, Second Plumbing and Heating explains how to go green with your business.

Educate Yourself on Key Eco-Friendliness Metrics

Eco-friendliness metrics are indicators of your environmental impact – net negative, neutral, or positive. When you know where you’re falling short, you can make improvements.

Research Methods to be More Eco-Friendly

Plenty of businesses have gone green already. By researching trends, you can gain some much-needed inspiration. Some examples:

Make Your Business Eco-Friendly
  • If you’re launching a new business, create a business plan and include your eco-friendly goals.

  • Inform yourself about the environmental laws applicable to small businesses.

  • Sustainability isn’t free. Come up with an eco-budget, and measure the ROI on your initiatives.

  • Market your eco-friendly nature. It’s how you will acquire buy-in from present and future stakeholders.

Take Steps to Care for Our Planet

There’s been an increase in natural disasters by 10 times over the past few decades, says Vision of Humanity. We all have a moral obligation to do our bit for the environment to bring things back into balance. The economic benefits don’t hurt, either. Sustainability involves an investment initially, but more than pays for itself in time.

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